Tempting as it might be, washing our bins ourselves is not the best way to go for many reasons. First, it is ineffective at killing germs and secondly, you will use of almost fifteen times as much water as our professional high-pressure system with hot water that is 200 degrees. So what you’ll have are bins that are not really clean, and gallons of water wasted.

Our professional bin washing system is a lot more efficient and cheaper in the long run. Our system is 100% eco-friendly and will high-pressure clean, deodorize and disinfect your recycle and trash bins right at your curbside. Our trucks and trailers make cleaning and sanitizing bins as easy as can be! In addition to being Eco-Friendly, we also use natural solvents that kills up to 99.9% of all fungi, germs, and viruses commonly found in trash cans. The cleaning agents we use are all EPA, and our trucks and trailers are fully self-contained so there’s no water spillage.

Why would you want the hassle of cleaning your stinky, messy trash cans yourself..
You have A-1 Trash BINS CLEANING SERVICE at your disposal...for the time, money and effort you spend to do them yourself is no comparison to our can just contact us and relax...let us do the Dirty Work!!!

We'll make it easy for you...
We will come out and Clean-Disinfect- Sanitize and Deodorize your cans once every three months for a total price of $30.00CHECK OUT THE VIDEO AND SIGN UP... tell a friend or family member that you know needs our help..

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  • 01

    Position The Bins

    First, we check the bins for leftover waste, bag them and then position the bins at an angle that makes it easy for our equipment to pick up.

  • 02

    Loading the Bins

    After positioning the bins, they are loaded unto the truck at an angle that makes it easy for our equipment to target and clean every corner of the bin, effortlessly.

  • 03

    High-Pressure Cleaning

    This is where the real work happens – the cleaning, sanitizing and deodorizing! Here, our cleaning technology delivers a high-pressure clean to every nook and corner the bin.

  • 04

    End Result

    What we leave behind are bins that are clean, smell good and have had up to 99.9% of their germs blasted off.